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SHOWTIME: Saturday, July 21, 2018 6:30 PM  BUY TICKETS  | Thursday, July 26, 2018 9:30 PM  BUY TICKETS

SYNOPSIS: Dubious antique dealer Norio finds a priceless tea bowl which once belonged to the famous 16th century tea master Sen no Rikyo among the musty contents of a rich family’s storehouse.  He deceives the homeowner Sasuke to get it for next to nothing. In fact, Sasuke is merely the house-sitter and made the tea cup himself.  When Norio learns Sasuke was once a gifted potter whose career was derailed by a famous TV antiques appraiser, the same man who damaged Norio’s own reputation, they decide to settle the score and scam the appraiser.  Their scheme is the gamble of a lifetime involving their wives, children and life savings.  What could possibly go wrong…?

DIRECTOR:  Masaharu Take | LANGUAGE: Japanese | SUBTITLES: Yes - English

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2017 | 1h 56mins | color | DCP

COUNTRY:  Japan | GENRE: Comedy | PREMIERE STATUS: Dallas Premiere

PRINT SOURCE: Company Name: GAGA Corporation | Contact Name: Yuki Oguriyama | Contact Email: oguriymy@gaga.co.jp