Thanks for your interest in joining our organization!

What You Can Expect as a Volunteer

You can expect that we’ll treat you well and with a smile.  You can also expect that we will have something for you to do.  Also free t-shirts!

What We Expect from Our Volunteers

We expect that our volunteers to be happy and polite to everyone they meet and be flexible.  You represent the festival so it’s important that you reflect how we really are as a festival: Happy and laid back but still resourceful and diligent.  Being rude is basically a no-go. 

We also expect our volunteers to be knowledgable about our program.  Please read up on our festival, the schedule of films and events and go ahead and pick out a couple films you’re excited about.  It’s always good to have a movie to recommend when you get asked.  You WILL get asked.

Duties of a Volunteer

While you’re there you’ll be asked to do a variety of things – answering questions about the festival and the films, straightening the festival table, passing out and counting audience ballots, etc. With a little theatre cleaning sprinkled in just to spice things up.

To sign up as a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at