SHOWTIME: Sunday, July 16, 2017 7:00 PM     BUY TICKETS

SYNOPSIS: In early 1997, Hong Kong's three most notorious mobsters, known in the underworld as the "Three Kings of Thieves", are rumored to be plotting together to score a final hit before the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. This, despite the fact that the three of them, Kwai Ching-hung, Yip Kwok-foon and Cheuk Tze-keung, have never met each other and were unaware of any plot until the rumors start to reach their ears. Armed with high expectations and a growing sense that their time is up, the three start to develop a real plot, bigger than anything they’ve ever accomplished on their own.

DIRECTOR:  Jevons Au | Frank Hui | Vicky Wong | LANGUAGE: Cantonese | SUBTITLES: Yes – English 

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2017 | 1h 37mins | color | DCP

COUNTRY: Hong Kong | GENRE: Crime | Thriller | PREMIERE STATUS: Southwest Premiere

PRINT SOURCE: Company Name: Media Asia | Contact Name: Frederick Tsui | Contact Email: frederick_tsui@mediasia.com