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SHOWTIME: Sunday, July 22, 2018 5:30 PM  BUY TICKETS  | Monday, July 23, 2018 5:45 PM  BUY TICKETS

SYNOPSIS: Inside the Makgeolli bar, there is a framed quote that says, “If you drink Makgeolli here, a dearest person will return to your life.” Located in the mountainside, quiet and still, many people believe in this shamanist power and visit this place. They all have someone dear kept inside their hearts. One day, Joo-young visits this bar but starts having doubts. Yet, she decides to actively promote this place. Because of her unpredictable behavior, owner Byeon and his patrons experience a change in their daily lives. Eventually, Jooyoung helps the bar owner to recover his longtime trauma of facing the truth about his lost father while working for him as a live-in employee.

DIRECTOR:  Chul Heo | LANGUAGE: Korean | SUBTITLES: Yes - English

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2017 | 1h 34mins | color | DCP

COUNTRY:  South Korea | GENRE: Drama | PREMIERE STATUS: US Premiere

PRINT SOURCE: Company Name: Dream Studio | Contact Name: Kim Jeong-ho and Chul Heo | Contact Email: and