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SYNOPSIS: In 1930s China, unrest rules the nation. Chen, the last Wing Chun master, arrives in Tianjin to expand his kung fu – but his ambition gets him entangled in a power struggle between Tianjin’s martial arts Grandmaster, a dominant underworld Madam, and the town’s military leaders. Can he protect his family from the dangers of the martial arts world, or will it consume everything he loves?

DIRECTOR:  Haofeng Xu | LANGUAGE: Mandarin | SUBTITLES: Yes - English

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2017 | 1h 49mins | color |Blu-Ray

COUNTRY:  China | GENRE: Wuxia | Kung Fu | PREMIERE STATUS: Southwest Premiere

PRINT SOURCE: Company Name: WellGoUSA | Contact Name: Alexandra McSorley | Contact Email: alex@wellgousa.com