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Language/subtitles: Japanese / English

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 00:07:48, Color, MP4

Director: Keiya Ando

Country: Japan

Premiere Status: US premiere

Film Synopsis: KEISUKE is a college student who has a special gift of sharing one week of his life with other people. Can he save the people? or not...

Contact Name: Keiya Ando

Contact Email:

Company Address: Izumi-ku, Izumi-cho 6212-3 GH2-202, Yokohama, Japan.



Language/subtitles: Korean / English

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017 / 27:58 / Color / HD / 1.66:1

Director: 신동영 / Dong-Young Shin

Country: Seoul, South Korea

Premiere Status: North American premiere

Film Synopsis: 'Baekcheon' being suffered from headache is under a delusion about people.

He falls to burning with hatred little by little, and... finally his hatred is heading for innocent people.

Company Name: Film Distribution & Sales Company 'Rainydays Pictures'

Contact Name: Cooperation Reperesentative, Baek Sunwoo

Contact Email:

Company Address: (03773) 202-904, 17, Bugahyeon-ro 1-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



Language/subtitles: Korean/English

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2018, 19minutes 22seconds, Color

Director: Che-won Park

Country: South Korea

Premiere Status: International Premiere

Film Synopsis: A young girl finds her ideal type in a small bathhouse which runs by her mother. She is strongly attracted to someone and waits patiently.

Company Name: FILM DABIN

Contact Name: Che-won Park

Contact Email:

Company Address: 337-702, 62, Jamsil-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Language/subtitles: Chinese/Chinese English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2018,07:19,Color,NTSC FULL HD

Director: Chou Yu Cheng

Country: Taiwan

Premiere Status: North American

Film Synopsis: Luna and Zhi-Gang are friends just meeting on the Internet. They are arranged to see and learn more about each other on the first night, so they choose to go back Luna’s house to start a chat.  Zhi-Gang then finds out that this night is not so simple…

Company Name: Atmosphere Image

Contact Name: Chou Yu Cheng

Contact Email:

Company Address: 13F., No.12, Ln. 202, Zhongxing St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan




Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 13:07, Color, MOV

Director: Nardeep Khurmi

Country: USA

Premiere Status: Texas

Film Synopsis: MONOGAMISH follows Sagar and Nishi, a sexually fluid, Indian pair who are not in a 'typical' relationship. Although the intimacy and connection they have are undeniable, they are not partners and they are not cheating.

CONTACT: Stephanie ONeill



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Language/subtitles: Korean/English

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 24min 24sec, color

Director: Soo-Young Kim

Country: Korea(South)

Premiere Status: Southwest

Film Synopsis: A story about a top student named Mina and an inferior student named Juri. One day, the two suddenly get tremendous capabilities.

Contact Name: Dong H. Kim (Producer)

Contact Email:



Language/subtitles: Chinese/English Subs

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 20:00min, colour, screen format DCP

Director: Tan Ce Ding

Country: Malaysia

Premiere Status: Texas Premiere

Film Synopsis: In a futuristic city, a rookie technician falls in a love with an out-of-date humanoid masseuse. He then must face the emotional fallout from this strange relationship and make amends with his anti-droid fanatic father.

Company Name: 24 Wonder Pictures

Contact Name: Tan Ce Ding

Contact Email:

Company Address: