Title: BO & MEI

Language/subtitles: English and Mandarin / English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format:  2017, 15 mins, color, MOV

Director: Camille Liu Nock

Country: United Kingdom

Premier status: Premier screening in Texas

Synopsis: A short film about a Chinese immigrant family who experiences racial prejudice as well as prejudice of a different kind within their own home. This is a story about a young person who, with the support of their loving sibling, can stand up for the things that make them different.

Contact Name: Camille Liu Nock





Language/subtitles: Vietnamese language/ English subtitles

Year, Running time, color/B&W, Format: 2017, 11mins, Color, 2K MOV 1:78 aspect ratio

Director: Ayesha Anna Ninan

Country: Vietnam, India, Singapore, USA

Premiere Status: World Premiere

Film Synopsis: When a family’s land is reclaimed by the Vietnamese government, with no compensation in sight, the burden of survival falls to Phuong, a young farmer. At her father’s behest, Phuong visits the moneylender for a loan, but the encounter isn’t as simple as she expects.

Company Name: N/A

Contact Name: Ayesha Anna Ninan

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Company Address: N/A



Language/subtitles: Mandarin/English

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: :2017, 10:30, Color, 4:3

Director: Hanxiong Bo

Producer: Junyi Zhang

Country: China

Synopsis: The course of a romantic relationship plays out over a series of haircuts overseas through a single fixed camera's point of view.



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Title: JUNE

Language/subtitles: English and Mandarin with English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 13 min, color, 2K 1.85

Director: Huay-Bing Law

Country: USA

Film Synopsis: A Chinese Immigrant comes across segregated restrooms in 1950s Texas and isn't sure whether to use the 'Whites Only' restroom or the 'Colored' restroom.



SHELLEY Mad Rush(Still) 1- Main.jpeg


Language/subtitles: Korean / English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format:  2018, 16 mins, color, RED 1.85:1

Director: Hee-jun Lee

Country: Korea

Premier status: US Premier

Film Synopsis: Suffering from a contamination obsession and panic disorder, Byunghoon is battling through the little things every day. Regardless of the outcome, a day is a true gift but has been forgotten at some point.



Copy of SHELLEY 300 Santa Claus Still 1-compressed.jpg


Language/subtitles: English and Mandarin with English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 15 min, color, 16:9

Director: Jeff Man

Country: USA

Premiere Status: Southwest/Texas Premiere

Film Synopsis: On Christmas night, two lonely neighbors come together to share a meal. Despite having little in common, they attempt to make a meaningful connection before the holiday comes to a close.

Company Name: Jeff Man

Contact Name: Jeff Man

Contact Email:

Company Address: 711 N Benton Way #7, Los Angeles, CA 90026



Language/subtitles: Japanese/English Subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017 / 20 min. / Color

Director: Gori

Country: Japan

Premiere Status: International Premiere

Film Synopsis: Aboard a cruise ship heading from Taiwan to Ishigakijima, a young Taiwanese man is staring at a letter as he ponders to himself, “Am I the chosen one?”  This film is a heartwarming comedy of how an insecure young man’s destiny begins to change because of a message found in a bottle by the seaside.

Company Name: Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Contact Name: Hyoe Yamamoto

Contact Email:

Company Address: Okinawa Industrial Support Center 2F, 1831-1 Oroku, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan 901-0152



Language/Subtitles: English, Hindi / English subtitles

Year, running time, color/b&w, format: 2017, 14:29, color, MOV. 2:39

Director: Zac Chia

Country: USA

Premiere Status: Texas

Synopsis:  The Seven Steps follows Anika, who's born and raised in India, as she falls in love with Rohan, an American born Indian after moving to the U.S. for work.  She has an arranged marriage waiting for her back home, but that doesn't stop Rohan from wanting to be together with her.

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Contact Name: Zac Chia

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