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Language/subtitles: Korean/English
Year:  2015
Running Time: 11:30
Director: Klyun Sung
Country: USA
Genre: Period/Fantasy/Action
Premiere Status: Southwest Premiere

Follow the story of the veteran warrior, Yushin (Hugh Cha), as he flees from the carnage of political chaos with an infant born with the destiny of a King. However, he must first confront his former student, Sanggun (Christopher Kim), who will go to any length to ensure that the throne is his and his alone.


Language/subtitles: Thai/English
Year: 2015
Running Time:17:30
Director: Nuntanat Duangtisarn
Country: Thailand
Genre: Thriller
Premiere Status: North American

A struggling young blood cop has a misconception about his identity when he tries to seek justice for his mother's life.


Language/subtitles: Japanese/English
Year: 2015
Running Time: 22:28
Director:  Yu Shibuya
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama
Premiere Status: Southwest Premier

Michio witnesses his father having an affair. He waits for an apology, but his father dies before they can reconcile.  After the funeral, a letter is discovered.  It lands into the hands of Michio’s wife who decides to wait until Michio’s unforgiveness dissipates.  He rejects the letter without reading it, and it ends up inside a time capsule that Michio’s children are playfully preparing.  Decades go by. Michio, now old, searches for the time capsule.  This is a story of a tragedy and its mending that lasts 100 years.  



Language/subtitles: Korean / English
Year: 2015
Running Time: 12' 47''
Director: Sungbin BYUN
Genre: Drama
Country: South Korea
Premiere Status: Southwest premiere

Wuzuh, a girl wIth Down's syndrome, has a secret crush on her class teacher. However, one day, she finds out that one of her classmates has received from the teacher the same hairclip as hers, which she had thought that he has given only to her as a thoughtful present. Feeling betrayed, Wuzuh brings a chicken she has been raising to give her teacher to school and starts to make a fuss with it in the classroom.



Nao directing.jpg


Language/subtitles: JAPANESE/ENGLISH
Year: 2015
Running Time: 25min
Director: Nao Nakazawa
Country: Japan/USA
Genre: Drama
Premiere Status: Southwest

The short narrative flm Mitsuju is about the genesis of a monster called Mitsuju “the beast of secrets” that consumes people’s secrets. This original story is inspired by Japanese folk stories and is set in 16th century Japan. It follows a female shaman Shizume who discovers a dark and violent secret of her feudal lord Tadayoshi. Mitsuju was flmed on location in Nagano, Japan with crews from San Francisco and Japan.