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SYNOPSIS: Are humans inherently good? Or evil? Soon to be retired, utterly forgettable salaryman Inuyashiki (Noritake Kinashi) gets no respect from his colleagues or his family. His feelings of emptiness

and futility are compounded when his doctor informs him that he has terminal cancer with only a few months to live. That night, Inuyashiki is involved in a freak accident which somehow transforms his body into a machine with superhuman powers. Shishigami (Takeru Satoh), a high school student also at the scene of the accident, undergoes the same transformation and begins to use his newfound powers at will. Shishigami uses his powers to hurt whoever crosses him, while Inuyashiki uses his powers to save

them. The two are polar opposites in how they use these extraordinary powers, each with their own specific agenda.

DIRECTOR:  Shinsuke Sato | LANGUAGE: Japanese | SUBTITLES: Yes - English

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2018 | 2h 06mins | Color | DCP

COUNTRY:  Japan | GENRE: Sci-Fi, Thriller | PREMIERE STATUS: Southwest Premiere

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