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Language/subtitles: ENGLISH | KOREAN | JAPANESE | THAI | MALAY
Year: 2015
Running Time: 1h 44min
Director: Eric KHOO
Country: Singapore
Genre: Erotic
Premiere Status: Southwest Premiere

IN THE ROOM deals with love, life and lust. Eric Khoo’s latest film is a tapestry of stories, all of which unfold in a hotel room over several decades. That hotel room is Room 27 at the Singapura Hotel, which started out as a ritzy establishment in the 1940s but has, over the decades, lost its sheen of respectability. In that time, Room 27 has felt and experienced – through the individuals who have passed through its doors and made love on its bed ‐ all facets of the human condition: joy, love, fear, compassion, cruelty, depravity and redemption. It has witnessed beginnings and endings, and everything in between.