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Language/subtitles: Japanese|English
Year: 2015
Running Time: 1h 30min
Director: Shunji Oga
Country: Japan
Genre: Anime, Drama
Premiere Status: International Premiere

Hirayama Jirou has lost his mother in the Great Kanto Earthquake and now runs a soba stall with his father. He decides to join the crew of the famous ocean liner Hikawa Maru and finds work cooking in the ship's galley. Through his eyes, the film explores the ship's 85‐year history. The film's story is set in four different time periods of the ship's service. The first episode takes place before the second world war, when the Hikawa Maru ran a Pacific route between Yokohama, Vancouver, and Seattle, carrying guests such as the legendary comic Charlie Chaplin. The second takes place during the war, when the Imperial Japanese Navy commandeered and refitted the ship as a hospital ship, and after the war, when the ship repatriated Japanese soldiers from the front. The third time period takes place during the ship's post‐war return to service as a passenger and cargo ship. The fourth time period takes place after its decommissioning and permanent berthing.