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SYNOPSIS:  Tai Lo is a cab driver who runs a small and mildly profitable extortion ring with his young brother Sai Lo and their friend Gwai Lo. When an old friend gets out of jail, Tai Lo adds him to the mix. Tai Lo struggles to control his brother's ego and Sai Lo tries to run a con solo.  He and Gwai Lo pick the wrong girl who convinces them to hit a bigger mark with whom she has a personal vendetta. A self-congratulatory celebration at an underground casino results in a fire and enormous debts. Sai Lo and Gwai Lo are dragged back to Tai Lo, and Tai Lo extends beyond his tried and true methods to raise the funds in record time. Meanwhile, Inspector Kamal is beginning to connect the dots, drawing all the marks back to an airport taxi stand...

DIRECTOR:   Zahir Omar | LANGUAGE: Chinese, Bahasa | SUBTITLES: Yes - English

YEAR | RUNNING TIME | COLOR | FORMAT: 2018 | 1h 40mins | Color | DCP

COUNTRY:  Malaysia | GENRE: Crime, Drama | PREMIERE STATUS: N/A

PRINT SOURCE: Company Name: Good Move Media | Contact Name: Esmé Hogeveen | Contact Email: hogeveen@goodmovemedia.com